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We protect businesses like yours from threats in the digital cyber space

Who We Are

We keep organizations safe from continually evolving cyber threats with cutting edge technology and our expertise.

We are staffed with cyber threat intelligence professionals, incident responders, computer Hacking Investigators, malware-reverse engineers, and Cyber Threat Hunters. We absorb the complexity of cybersecurity threat hunting and anomaly detection and response. What we like the most is catching the bad guys in your network and mitigating the cyber threat.

What We Do

Cyber crime is growing rapidly and always evolving, so you need to be able to fight back.

Our team comprises of elite individuals who bring years of experience and unmatched capabilities to organizations through the various managed services offerings.

Cyber Threat
Hunting & Response

Combine Divert, Deceive, Detect and Response security with 24×7 managed services from highly skilled threat analysts that provide organizations with threat hunting services and responds to cyber threats once they are discovered. Our service also involves a human element: We provide our customers access to pool of security researchers and analysts, who are responsible for monitoring networks for anomalies, analyzing incidents, and responding to security cases.

Threat Intelligence

Advanced threat groups do not discriminate among verticals, and they constantly change there mode of attack. Our interactive threat intelligence actively tracks these groups’ tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) to determine existing and emerging threats to a client’s assets. Together with the insights and inquiries gleaned from clients, we develop customized, evidence-based, intelligence reports which clients can use to prioritize their security resources.

Security Automation,
Orchestration & Response

Providing not only the ability to orchestrate your security functions, but also the confidence that you are basing your tasks and decisions on vetted, relevant threat intelligence. Integrate your people, processes and technology to deliver complete visibility into your security operations. Fully integrated, dynamic case management and automated workflows, standardizes and accelerates incident response processes to improve consistency, decrease mean time to resolution (MTTR) and lower operating costs.

Cyber Security
Operation Center

Significant investment involved in building and maintaining an in-house SOC and it is also challenging to operate. Our managed SOC services acts as a virtual extension of IT resources to provide companies of all sizes with all-in-one, 24/7, hunting & analysis, automate & orchestrate your security processes in one central place, and create and take action on threat intelligence providing the security expertise, tools and intelligence needed to respond to threats and breaches at fraction of the cost. We can reduce the time it takes to detect attacks from months to days.

Automated Teller
Machines Infrastructure

Monitor and manage ATMs, perform bulk actions & event-based video surveillance, ensure constant uptime, seamlessly monitor ATMs from different vendors and transaction monitoring from change in transaction duration, change in number of transactions, transaction distribution by type and amount of failed transactions to reduce fraud. Ensure constant uptime, react to potential issues preventively, gather and leverage data from multiple sources. All major brands fully supported and tested (NCR, Diebold, Wincor-Nixdorf, Hyosung), most XFS-based ATMs are supported.

Network & Security

Regular monitoring and maintenance preserves the optimal processing of operations, bolsters security, and updates the system. Our managed service detect, analyse, remediate and improve IT network and security issues. We strive to provide an efficient, and cost-effective managed services that is monitored by our network & security management team 24×7x365 where we maintain, configure, monitor and troubleshoot, eliminating bottlenecks, proactive preventive steps, LAN/WAN network and security management in order to help you focus on your business growth drivers and priorities.

Who we Serve

We’ve been doing IT security for more than a decade. From healthcare, manufacture industries, to finance and banking.

Due to our strict code of confidentiality, we do not publicly display our customers business name, their cyber breaches or cybersecurity solution they have acquired from us on our website. From our perspective that would be irresponsible, a violation of privacy, and a violation of our duties to our customers as a cybersecurity partner.

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