Server Virtualization with KVM and Linux Containers

Proxmox VE, Server Virtualization Management Software, a container-based and KVM-based virtualization managing KVM virtual machines, LXC, HA Clusters, storage and virtualized networks. Its efficacy enhances the use of your existing resources and reduces the hardware cost, managing time for both, personal and business usage.

Open Source Server Virtualization with KVM and LXC

Proxmox VE uses a Linux kernel and is based on the Debian GNU/Linux Distribution.The source code of Proxmox VE is released under the GNUAffero General Public License,version 3 (GNU AGPL, v3). This means that you are free to inspect the source code at any time or contribute to the project yourself.

Using open source software guarantees full access co all functionalities as well as high security debian and reliability. Everybody is encouraged co contribute while Proxmox ensures the produa always meets professionalquality criteria.

Proxmox Comparison:

Proxmox VE is a powerful and lightweight open source server virtualization software. Linux and Windows application workload can easily be virtualized, Proxmox VE is capable of augmenting the performance and usability. It supports two virtualization technologies for maximum flexibility, KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) and LXC (Linux Containers).


Proxmox Screenshots:

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