Who We Are

Built upon the pillars since 25 years, yielded by professionals with core aesthetics and strategic mind. Our aim is to build nation strong globally on technological ground. Let’s join hands and make this a mutual concern.

At Future Technologies, work is considered as a cause not a job, which is why the dedication towards each task is fulfilled with satisfaction on completion. People enjoy their work, as they believe in what they do and they are skilled that way.

What We Do

We deliver the services with a consultative path into the world of IT solution, cybersecurity and managed services. We also deal with power solution, saving power and maximizing the output level of your organization.

We believe in ownership, which is why we work with dedication and honesty to bring out the best possible result. We are destined to fulfill our commitments hence achieving the goal and securing the organization. We work relentlessly considering the sensitivity and efficacy our work required.

Cyber Breach Detection

24/7 Hunt, Detect & Defend

We detect encrypted and malleable Command and Control (C2) sessions. Utilizing a mixture of non-signature based detection techniques that rely on attributes like an interval of connections, data size, dispersion and advanced algorithms.

Our managed SOC services acts as a virtual extension of IT resources to provide companies of all sizes with all-in-one, 24/7, hunting & analysis, automate your security processes in one central place, and create and take action on threat intelligence providing the security expertise, tools and intelligence needed to respond to threats and breaches at fraction of the cost. We can reduce time it takes to detect attacks from months to days.

Network & Security Infrastructure

Regular monitoring and maintenance preserves the optimal processing of operations, bolsters security, and updates the system. Our managed service detect, analyze, remediate and improve IT network and security issues.

We strive to provide an efficient, and cost-effective managed services that is monitored by our network & security management team 24/7x365 where we maintain, configure, monitor and troubleshoot, eliminating bottlenecks, proactive preventive steps, LAN/WAN/SD-WAN network and security management in order to help you focus on your business growth drivers and priorities.

Software Development

We provide Business Application, Systems Integration and Professional Services comprising.

Business Applications | Web Applications & Website | Databases | White Label Software | Mobile App | CRM System | Customer Portal Software | Data Migration Services | Operational Systems | Legacy Software | Software Consultancy | Enterprise IT Services | Support & Maintenance | Software for Startups.

Power Solution

We are in an era, where we are surrounded by electronic & electrical gadgets and appliances, where the provision of electricity is inconsistent and fluctuating, resulting with a loss of our important appliances etc. We have built a device named Digilizer. We also have a Solar Panel, to substitute the electricity.

The Digilizer helps and saves your home electrical appliances, sockets and provides you consistent electrical flow and reduce your electrical bill by eliminating your loss and inconsistent supply. Whereas, the Solar Panel, will help you save your regular electrical bills and provide you a hassle free luxury life.

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